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The Global Service Jam is an annual

international event that introduces service design to local communities in a playful way, over a condensed period of time. It is best summed up by the GSJ tagline '48 hours to change the world'.

Starting on Friday evening, the Jam participants gather together for the reveal of that years' secret theme - in 2019, it was 'BLUE'. The jammers explore as many directions as the collective theme can take them in  and then spit into teams, each with a different subject. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, the jammers collaborate in a fast-paced design process, defined by the slogan 'Doing, not talking' that jam events emphasise. By Sunday afternoon, the teams have used service design methods to ideate possible initiatives, prototype with basic materials, engage with locals to gain feedback, refine and finally present their innovative solution. All outcomes are documented and uploaded to Planet Jam; the 2019 entries can be viewed here.


The three days are punctuated with a range of activities to inspire, engage and maintain the jam spirit. These include presentations from mentors - people that typically work within the service design field - who advise the best way to approach and get the most out of the jam. Teams also have the opportunity to connect and exchange feedback with Twin Jams - Los Angeles, Lyon & Birmingham in 2019 - via video call. And, to get some fresh air and keep things moving, various 'energisers' are initiated.

Every year, Dundee Service Jam is organised by a group of volunteers including students, university lecturers and local designers. They spend months arranging the venue, catering, sponsorship, mentors  and supplies for the 48 hour event, while also creating a brand identity and advertising the Jam to locals. Each year the DSJ experience is completely different, however remains a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people and receive a memorable introduction to service design.

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