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Not one, girl one





Given the instructions to create a design consisting entirely of one material, I headed to Material ConneXion to investigate the properties of various substances. I discovered that metal could be knitted with the aid of machinery; and after some experimentation found, if very fine, malleable wire was used it could be knitted by hand.

The strong, cool nature of the aluminium connotes clichéd masculine characteristics whereas delicate, intricate knitting is typically perceived to be a feminine pastime. The knitted wire crudely juxtaposed gender stereotypes.

The rectangular strips (each with varying dimensions to accommodate the difference in circumference) of the metallic fabric are capable of supporting the weight of a lemon, a grapefruit and even a melon.  The complex, delicate needlework can be seen in the close up images.

Gender stereotyping plays a dominant factor in sexism. The Suffragettes fight for the right to vote is only one example of how woman strive to be seen as independent, confident and resilient as their male counterparts. Stereotypes? Not One Girl One (wordplay on 'knit one, purl one' : a common stitch in knitting) reflects on the progression of gender equality. 

knot one girl one mirrored.jpg
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