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Dundee Design

Festival 2019







Dundee Design Festival is a biannual event that makes various forms of design accessible to the local community. With each iteration, the theme and venue of the festival varies, thus highlighting different issues and reaching people who have not encountered it before. The producers, Ryan McLeod and Lyall Bruce of Agency of None, approach each festival as it's own entity with the creation of a unique visual identity.

In 2019 the festival considered what makes a Liveable/Loveable city. Situated in the dilapidated, city centre Kieller Centre, empty shop units were inhabited for various purposes. These included: Poster Playground, Approaching Air,  Subject to Availability, City Brand Simulator, Living Library, Fountain of Knowledge, Photo Shop, Coffee Bar and Design Superstore. Every component was brought together by a variable typeface designed by Agency of None. This was used to transform the neglected shopping centre into a vibrant and dynamic destination.


Once drawn inside, visitors were invited to play with the typeface using the City Brand Simulator and Poster Playground. Meanwhile in Subject to Availability, local designers Jen Stewart, Steph Liddle, Kevin Sinclair and Lynne MacLachlan were each resident. Visitors were able to observe their design process, and browse their products among numerous others in the Design Superstore. Throughout the festival, Approaching Air were collecting positive stories about the future of life in the city which were later distilled into a bespoke fragrance. 

With different activities constantly occurring throughout the festival, and a specific programme of events - Afterworks - designed to take place outwith festival hours and in various locations - opportunities for people to participate were increased. 

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